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London Student Storage

Finding a straightforward, efficient, and reliable storage solution that is affordable on a student’s budget might seem like an arduous task, especially with London prices. However, Kiwi Storage is committed to providing accessible, comprehensive, and budget-friendly storage for students across London.

How it works

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    We Collect

    We collect your items from your home or business

    We Collect

    Use our space estimator to work out what size unit you need or our friendly team can help you choose

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    We store

    Your items are safely and securely stored at our storage facility

    We store

    Use our online booking system to get current pricing. If you are unsure or have a specific question speak with one of our friendly team

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    We deliver

    When you need your goods back we safely deliver them anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

    We deliver

    Book your unit and arrange your move in date. Either move in yourself or we can provide a full removal service including packing and delivery.

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No matter whether you have one to one hundred items, one single or multiple boxes, Kiwi Storage has the perfect unit in a convenient location to suit all your needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, so you will never have to pay for something you aren’t using. The terms and conditions are all laid out clearly and there are no hidden costs.

If you have any questions about our student storage in London, require expert advice, or would like to book your storage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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London Student Storage

Kiwi Storage specialises in providing secure storage options at affordable prices. You may be set to finish university soon, go abroad for a student placement, or just move into smaller accommodation. Student storage is also great for the summer holidays when you’re returning home. If any of these apply to you, student storage is the way forward.

If you’re a student, it may seem like a daunting and challenging task to find an affordable storage solution that is simple, reliable and efficient, especially with the budget that you have after having paid for rent and school supplies. It’s even more difficult to find a straightforward storage solution in the bustling city of London. Well, you needn't worry, because our student storage is just the solution for you.


What is a student storage solution?

We Have Long-Term Storage & Short-Term Student Storage in London

At Kiwi Storage, we are able to assist you with both long-term and short-term storage solutions if you are ever in need of cheap student storage. We are problem solvers first and foremost, which means that our storage experts will be able to find the perfect student storage boxes or storage units for you, even if you have larger items and confidential, sensitive items, for as long as you might need them.

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Storage solutions

Imagine the scene: you have secured a place at a London university and are feeling delighted as a result, especially given the university life awaiting you in this vibrant, cosmopolitan city. However, it might also be a city with which you are less than familiar.

For this reason, the prospect of moving to it could be exciting but also somewhat daunting. It wouldn’t help if you have a list of items you would like to take with you but you can’t be certain that your student accommodation would be large enough to contain them all.

Stuck for space? Consider a short or long-term storage solution

Here at Kiwi Storage, we are committed to providing affordable, comprehensive, and accessible storage for students in London. We are proud to offer storage that is inexpensive and made simple for students to access, without having to break the bank - you don’t need to worry about shipping costs.

Regardless of how many items you require to be put in storage, or however many boxes of belongings you have, we have the ideal storage unit for you - all of which are located in a convenient location in London, and offer a comprehensive range of security and accessibility features. Not only will this exceed your requirements, but it is also guaranteed to meet your storage demands.


Limitless storage options for items big and small

Your stint at university is likely to last at least three years. After completing your undergraduate degree, you could choose to continue studying in London, perhaps even at the same university, for a postgraduate qualification. So, how can you keep your items safe for all of this time?

Fortunately, when it comes to keeping our customers’ items safe, we start as we mean to go on. This means that, once you have booked a storage solution with us, we will collect your belongings from you and take great care in packing them.

We will then load these possessions into one of our vans, where they will be kept safe in transit due to the efforts of our qualified drivers. Another factor is that we can use our Kiwi to load especially bulky items onto a van and keep them in place there.

Safe and secure storage made simple

Students can benefit from both self-storage and mobile storage options from Kiwi Storage.

Self-storage is exactly what it says on the tin - it is a storage facility that is easily accessible on your own terms, whenever you need to access your items.

Mobile storage from Kiwi Storage is a flexible solution that can be tailored to even the busiest of student schedules.

Read more about these solutions!

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Self Storage vs Mobile Storage

Cost-effective storage solutions for students in London

As we have established, London is a magnet for budding students, and it’s hardly surprising why. For a start, the UK capital has a staggeringly broad choice of nightclubs, theatres, historical sites and other attractions that help to stave off the threat of boredom.

London is also criss-crossed with a wealth of public transport connections — with the London Underground (or ‘the Tube’, as it’s colloquially known) especially well-known. By hopping onto a Tube train, you can inexpensively get from one end of London to another in just an hour.

London is also reputed as a truly global city in its outlook, which you may be especially heartened to know if you will be an international student in the capital. As revealed in the 2011 census, over 270 nationalities and more than 300 languages are represented in London’s population.

Affordable student storage across all corners of London

You can expect a warm welcome when you enrol at university — but at which university exactly? There are plenty to choose from in London — and it’s helpful that Kiwi Storage operates across all 32 of the local authority districts collectively making up Greater London.

No matter where you opt to study in London, you can rest assured that one of our well-maintained, great-value and secure storage facilities will be close by.

Overall, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022, London has 18 universities — more than any other UK city. Many of London’s higher education (HE) institutions — including Birkbeck, Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway — belong to the federal University of London. 

London’s universities and HE campuses are geographically scattered. For example, Imperial College London has its main university campus in South Kensington and an innovation campus in White City, while London Metropolitan University has campuses in Islington and the City of London district — which, though not technically a borough, is London’s historic Roman core.

Whichever London university that you study at - be it the University of London, Middlesex University, Greenwich University, Kingston University, Roehampton University, and so on - Kiwi Storage can also provide complete removal services for students across the city. This is a comprehensive removal service that consists of dormitory packing, the provision of packing materials such as packing boxes and packing tape, plus a removals team and delivery driver. We can pick up and drop off to different delivery addresses - for example, if some boxes are going into storage and the rest to your new home, just let us know when you book your return delivery where you would like your items to be dropped off.

Removal Services

Self Storage vs Mobile Storage

Self Storage vs Mobile Storage for Students in London.

Mobile StorageSelf-Storage
Hassle free loading of your goods
Optional Removal Services
No ULEZ or Congestion Charge costs
Anytime Access*
Secure Storage
Optional delivery by you to our facility
Optional packing materials

*Self Storage access subject to facility opening hours / Mobile storage access by appointment. Additional charges may apply

**Insurance is mandatory for all customers


Why choose Kiwi Storage?

Kiwi Storage is a friendly local storage company. Our flexible solutions can be perfectly tailored for all students around London. Don’t have a car? No problem - we will come to you, operating a door-to-door comprehensive mobile storage solution. Can’t pick up heavy objects? Don’t sweat, we will lift them for you. No time in the day to pack? Don’t worry, we can even pack your items for you and bring our own premium packing materials and boxes for the job.

people standing in front of kiwi truck
people standing in front of kiwi truck

Why choose Kiwi Storage?

Student storage

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    Easy and free Access

    Access your unit whenever you want during opening hours

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    Secure Storage

    Safe and secure facilities

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    Move in or out when you need to

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    Know your items are properly insured

If you ever need affordable student storage in London, we at Kiwi Storage can help you with both long-term and short-term storage solutions. Kiwi Storage is a local and friendly storage company that channels the utmost quality and professionalism in all that we do.

The adaptable solutions we provide can be expertly customised and adapted to suit your needs - be you a UK or international student looking for moving advice or anything storage related.

What makes Kiwi Storage stand out from the rest?

As a student, you might have a lot going on, and you might not have the biggest budget going for you. If you have some items and belongings that are taking up space in your place, or you simply want to store your items somewhere but can’t do so for whatever reason, a student storage solution will sort you right out. Many storage solutions will break the bank and bite at your budget if you are a student; however, our student storage option will not.

Problem solving is a core part of our comprehensive skill set. Our storage professionals are masterfully skilled and trained to find the most ideal student storage units, facilities and boxes for you - for as long as you may need them, even if you have larger items or private and sentimental belongings. 

How does our student storage service work?

For many students, going to university is likely to mark the first time they have spent more than a few weeks away from home. Therefore, if you are set to become a student, you could probably do with a helping hand in making sure enough of your possessions are able to join you for the journey.

This is why our storage specialists here at Kiwi are committed to providing beginner-friendly storage solutions for the student market. From the moment we discuss your storage requirements with you, we can guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable solution for your needs.

Never used a student storage solution?

How do I get a quote for student storage?

Don’t worry if you still have any unanswered questions about our London student storage offering. Our friendly team would be happy to provide you with any further details you require about our student storage solution.

Alternatively, you might be ready to check out our prices or request a quote. It’s worth heeding that the exact cost you pay to rent student storage from us can depend on various factors — including the size of the storage space you opt for as well as the length of time you will be renting it.

However, whatever your precise storage requirements happen to be, you can just let us know what they are when you apply for a quote. We can then make sure that the quote factors in and reflects all of these needs — and, as a result, really does cover all of the essentials.

There are a bunch of methods you can choose from to apply for a quote:

  • Phone: During our office opening hours of 8:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays, you could ring us on (+44) 020 8877 9682 or our freephone number 0800 988 69 55.
  • Email: You can email us via [email protected].
  • Online form: Simply fill in and submit the Kiwi Storage online contact form. We offer both mobile storage and self storage for students — and the form lets you easily enquire about either option.

If you are currently too short on time to have an immediate, in-depth discussion with us about your student storage needs, you should keep in mind that, when contacting us, you can easily arrange for us to contact you back by phone.

Top Tips

At Kiwi Storage, we know that many students might have never used a storage service before, and even then, it's always good to get the most for your money’s worth! Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best tips and tricks for making the most of our services - it's all part of our Kiwi charm and great customer service.

Use good quality packing materials

We can provide these for you! Our top-quality packing materials include packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, sofa covers, mattress covers, and a wide range of boxes that are double-walled for strength.

Use smaller boxes for heavier items

Putting heavier items in smaller boxes can help you to ensure that no boxes are overloaded or too heavy to lift, making transportation easier.

List all the items that you have put into storage

This will allow you to make sure that you know exactly where everything is at all times, eliminating any potential panic over items you believe to be lost.

Make sure all boxes are full

If boxes aren’t full, your belongings can rattle about, which can result in your goods being damaged. Therefore, fill all boxes to capacity - but do not overfill as this can make stacking the boxes in the unit unstable.

Label your boxes

Label the boxes as you are packing, making sure to note which boxes are staying with you and which ones will be going into storage to make the process more streamlined and efficient.

Protect precious items

Ensure that any fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap, important documents are accounted for, and priceless goods are properly protected.

Choose a local storage company

Choose a company that has locations in your local area so that you can quickly and easily get to your items if and when you need them. Kiwi Storage has locations in Esher, Kingston, Richmond, East Molesey, West Molesey,, Weybridge, Surbiton, Teddington, Twickenham, Wimbledon and, of course, our mobile storage solution that comes right to your door!

Check accessibility

Look at the accessibility of the storage units to make sure that it is the right solution for you. Our buildings benefit from 24/7 access to a lockable unit, 7 days a week off-street parking, and modern facilities with good access.

Ensure your storage has good security

If you want to make sure that your items are safe whilst in storage, it is essential to ensure that your unit has good security. Kiwi Storage provides CCTV security, lockable units accessed by combination code lock and personalised access code, and number plate and facial recognition across the facility.


How much will storage cost?

The price per unit is determined by the size of the room you need. The rental charge is calculated according to the amount of floor space of the storage room, the smaller the floor area the lower the price.

Prices may also vary on the unit location in the storage centre. For instance ground floor and closer to access doors may be a higher price than on a higher level requiring lift or stair access.

Are there any hidden costs?

In a word No. You simply pay for the storage you need.

You will need to provide proof of insurance from your household cover or take out insurance through us on a new for old basis.

What size storage will I need?

Please refer to our unit size comparison which provides useful information to help you work out how much storage you need. Alternatively one of our helpful team can assist you with selecting the right size unit.

Generally students use 10 - 15sqft of storage.

Can I store sports equipment or bikes?

Yes, not a problem!

Can I store plants?

We are afraid not.

What if I need a bigger unit?

Self Storage:

This generally won’t be a problem. Subject to availability we can either provide a larger storage unit or provide additional units. Please note that this is dependent on availability at the facility. We also have additional storage space at other locations and our friendly team will work out a plan.

How do I book a storage unit?


To book Storage simply complete the online booking form to qet a quote and then use our easy to use booking system. You will need to provide some forms of ID and make payment for the first month. One of our team will then call you back to confirm your move in date.

Over the phone:

Just call us and one of our friendly team will confirm the unit size and type and get you booked in. They will then email you to electronically sign the contract, upload some ID and make secure payment.

What documentation do I need to book?

We require two forms of ID. A copy of your drivers licence, passport or student ID and a photo of you holding up the ID (just to make sure it is actually you!)

We will also need an emergency contact number in case you are overseas for example.

How do I pay?

We require payment by debit or credit card which is done securely online. Payments will be charged monthly to the card provided.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. As members of the Self Storage Association we require you to either provide proof from your insurer that your goods are covered in our storage facility or you must take our sufficient cover for the declared value of your goods.

What if I need to cancel before I move in?

Self Storage:

Not a problem. There are no charges.

How can I access my goods?

We can provide access to your goods at our storage facility. We will just need at least one working days notice.

How do I transport my goods to you?

Included in your price is a one off charge to collect your goods. You just need to pack your goods and we will do all the heavy lifting and loading your goods into storage. If you would like a packing service we can also do that through our sister company Kiwi Movers.

How does collection work?

Once your collection day and time is confirmed our team will arrive and load your items. They will collect from anywhere in the collection address, but your goods must be packed and any items that require disassembling to be disassembled or extra charges may be incurred.

Likewise when you need your goods back, a team will deliver them at the agreed date and time.

Do you sell boxes?

Yes! We sell boxes and packing materials through our sister company Kiwi Movers

How secure is your storage?

All our storage facilities include 24 hr monitored CCTV and alarms

Are your facilities temperature controlled?

Most of our facilities are not temperature controlled but we do have facilities that have this option

Are your facilities damp/moisture free?

Yes. Our facilities are well maintained and dry.

How do I cancel or vacate my storage?

Just provide us 14 days written notice.

Do you provide shipping around the UK or internationally?

Yes, we can ship anywhere worldwide!

What size boxes do I need for storage?

This will very much depend on exactly what you want to store in them. It can also depend, to an extent, on where you get the boxes.

All of the boxes available from our sister company Kiwi Movers are double-walled to help strengthen the box structure. Hence, whatever size of box someone recommends you go for, you might need some extra allowance when ordering boxes from Kiwi Movers. 

However, the added strength of these boxes helps to prevent them from inadvertently breaking when they are being used to transport goods. Therefore, ordering these particular storage boxes can help to prevent you from needing to replace them too soon.

The names of some types of boxes — like ‘book boxes’ and ‘wardrobe boxes’ — are self-explanatory about what they are specially designed for. Size dimensions for each kind of box can also be found here.

When estimating what size packing boxes you will need, you should also take account of what other packing materials you will use with them. These could include tape and bubble wrap, both of which are also supplied by Kiwi Movers.

Bubble wrap can be crucial for cushioning a box’s contents but also take up a surprising amount of space within the box itself. Meanwhile, tape would be used for keeping a packed box firmly closed.

So, you should carefully consider how much free space a box would leave you with once the required amount of bubble wrap has been put into it and the upper flaps of the box have been taped shut and flat.

What size unit is the best for storage?

Here, exactly what you seek to store is a vital factor. Our student storage solutions include self storage and mobile storage — but, whichever of these two types of storage unit you are looking to book from us, you can benefit from heeding a few loose guidelines.

As you can see from our space estimator tool, a locker of 9 square feet can be deemed sufficient for student storage. That’s because this size is enough to accommodate backpacks as well as small boxes. However, your own student storage needs could be more demanding than this.

You might want to consider a larger size if, for example, you are a mature student who will be living at home during their studies and consequently in possession of larger items, like bikes, white goods and furniture.

Nonetheless, even you do have bulky items like these, we can move them into a self-storage unit that fits your items - and wallet - best.

To find out which storage solution will work for your situation, or for further details about how the sizes of our storage units differ, you can email us at [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to help!

Is it safe to use storage units?

When placing treasured belongings into storage units, you want to be confident that they will keep them safe and secure for however long your items are stored there.

Since you are a student, this could potentially be years on end. However, you can take comfort that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the security at our London storage facilities.

These sites are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, while the modern storage containers at these facilities are tamper proof and accessible only via restricted means of authorisation. These include facial recognition and number plate recognition.

We also have onsite systems ensuring that activity at the storage facility is recorded. With all of these layers of security in place, you can be confident that your stored items will remain safe and sound even if you leave them untouched for years.

Of course, the storage units we offer include not only self storage compartments but also our Kiwi. These, too, are built for strength and safety — and members of our team can advise you on how to fill these vessels without putting their contents at risk.

Whether you use self storage or mobile storage, we will have qualified drivers safely transport your items to any of the above-mentioned storage facilities run by Kiwi Storage. This means that you don’t have to fret about the possibility of your belongings being damaged in transit.

How much stuff can I fit in a storage unit?

Here at Kiwi Storage, we have endeavoured to provide an in-depth level of online information about the differing sizes of our storage units as well as an insight into what stuff — and how much of it — could be fitted into them.

However, we also know that discerning how much student storage space you will actually need can be much easier said than done — especially if you have never previously used any storage services like those available from Kiwi Storage.

While a 9-square-foot locker can provide more than enough storage for students in many instances, you might need a 25-square-foot unit instead if you are seeking to store bulkier items like white goods and flat-packed beds.

You might require something even bigger still if, say, you are living in a small studio flat and will need somewhere to temporarily keep its contents as you relocate from this residence to another one. That’s where a 35-square-foot storage unit from Kiwi Storage can help.

Our Kiwi are sized at 35sqft as standard, offering a solid storage solution perfect for the contents of homes ranging from one-bedroom flats to five-bedroom houses.

If you remain unsure what size of storage unit you ought to choose, don’t hesitate to call us on (+44) 020 8877 9682 or 0800 988 69 55. Also keep in mind that, if you accidentally select the wrong size, you could simply switch to a different one at our storage facility later — even on the moving-in date.

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