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Man and Van services for self storage in West Molesey

man and van in west molesey

If you need to move your goods into personal storage in West Molesey or around KT8 and Walton-on-Thames then a man and van service is often the solution. There are always a few considerations for moving to storage

1. Finding the right man and van service

There are many man and van companies around West Molesey and Walton-on-Thames. When choosing a company it is important to base your decision not just on price, but what you are moving and the value of your personal possessions. Some considerations include:

  • Can your items fit inside the van in one load or will multiple trips be needed. Multiple trips will increase the overall price.
  • Is the man and van service insured? At a minimum they should have goods in transit cover or check the terms in conditions. Often any cover will extend to only £40 per box or item. Your household insurance may cover removals or alternatively check that you can take out additional cover if your goods are of high value.
  • Check the reviews. This often goes without saying now. Removals can be tricky and it doesn’t always go right, so it’s best to look for a man and van service or home removal company in London that can deal with issues and a proven reputation.
  • What is your budget for moving? Have a clear idea of what you can spend beforehand. It may cost more than you think as running vehicles and staff is getting more expensive.

2. Choosing the Storage Facility

When choosing your self storage in West Molesey there are a number of factors to consider:

  • What size storage unit do you need? Do you need space to move around in it to access your goods.
  • Does the storage facility have good security? 24/7 monitoring
  • Access hours - do they meet your needs
  • It’s always good to check the reputation online of the storage company and to check the insurance policies they have. Many will require compulsory insurance.

3. Moving into storage

It’s really important that you pack your goods well. If you are storing for a long period of time then use double wall boxes or good quality plastic containers. Goods stacked high might compress boxes and certainly will cause damage to cheap flimsy boxes. Make sure you also carefully wrap valuables including furniture. We also recommend making an inventory (this may be required by the storage facility) and label boxes to make life easier if you need to find goods while in storage but also when you no longer need storage. It’s always a good idea to make sure you know the opening times of the storage facility. You don’t want to arrive at 4pm when it closes at 5pm. Give yourself plenty of time.

Now that you have chosen your man and van service, a competent company will load the van carefully. Stacking your items to cause least movement while travelling and also have removal blankets to prevent furniture rubbing in transit.

4. Packing your storage unit

Arrange your goods so that heavy items are on the bottom and fragile goods are on the top. You may even want to install shelves or allow space to walk around depending on your requirements. We have created a handy guide how to pack your self storage unit.

If you are using an outdoor storage container you will need to make sure you open it regularly to let the container breathe.

5. Why West Molesey is a Great Place for Storage

Kiwi Storage in West Molesey is centrally located and is easy to drive to from around West Molesey, East Molesey and Walton-on-Thames. There is adequate parking and we offer a FREE man and van service with Kiwi Movers for storage units up to 50sqft or 2 hours free for larger units. Our facility includes 24/7 security and is open 7 days a week. Contact us on 020 8877 9682 for more information.